Transformations far beyond what you believed possible.

Creating an apartment which takes your breath away every time you walk in the door isn't easy.

Designing a home which is both supremely liveable and uncompromisingly stylish, requires a rare combination of skills.

Nino is one of a rare breed builders who can deliver.

We focus on the quality of design as obsessively as we do on the process of construction.

Our unique aesthetic sensibility is perfectly complemented by a proven flair for the highest quality craftsmanship and inspired practical solutions. Solutions which create space, light, comfort and luxury in equal measure.


Highly attuned to the unique challenges of apartment projects.

As a specialist apartment renovations company, we have a passion for transforming old or outdated units into luxurious one-of-a-kind spaces for uncompromising clients.

We're highly experienced in working effectively within the demanding environment of apartment buildings. We've completed 17 major projects in the past five years alone.

We know what's needed to make a refurbishment project run smoothly on challenging sites. We have the sensitivity to build a rapport with the body corporate, and manage the needs and expectations of neighbours.

And we're dedicated to ensuring you enjoy a rewarding and exciting experience. We'll work with you to design and create an apartment of distinctive character, featuring craftsmanship of the highest order, which perfectly matches your lifestyle.

How we'll work with you.


How can we guarantee your apartment build will be an experience you'll approach with confidence, not with trepidation? By listening.

Fully Understanding

We dedicate ourselves to fully understanding what you'd like to achieve. And we make a point of communicating with you every step of the way.


When we first meet, we'll take the time to walk through every room, making careful note of how you'd like each space to work. We'll discuss your personal style and your design and colour preferences, and help you weigh up the advantages of different options.

Budget Estimation

We'll come back to you with a detailed tender containing a complete scope of works and fees. Next, we'll schedule a session with you to finalise fixtures and fittings, before scheduling every stage of the project.


Your dedicated project manager will be available to you at every stage - from demolition to handover and beyond - ensuring work stays on track.

Working Effectively

Our approach is consultative and collaborative, and we're well attuned to working effectively with your choice of interior designer or architect, should you so desire.

Nino: Apartments which stand apart from the ordinary.