Moray Street New Farm

Diffuse light, open space, and clean, sophisticated lines characterise this dramatic apartment transformation. No trace remains of the original 1980s aesthetic. In its place, a minimalist, monochromatic interior accented with luxurious details and inspired design features.

Creative reinterpretation of the floorplan and the judicious use of premium materials allowed us to incorporate a large second bathroom where previously there was only one, a butler’s pantry, and a fireplace beautifully integrated into a low dividing wall. The feel is contemporary yet classic; a home whose style will remain timeless.

“The moment we met Nino, we connected immediately”

Look at it now and you’d have no inkling of what it was like before.

Our 30 year old apartment is now absolutely stunning and it’s incredibly functional, but only because of Nino’s unique approach. His motto ‘we can do anything’ was certainly put to the test many times as unexpected situations arose because of the age of the building. But Nino always delivered. From the start, they understood the look we wanted to achieve, and presented us with clever alternative ideas. This was a major renovation entailing the building of suspended ceilings throughout, removing walls, adding cutouts, new plumbing, new electricals, building an additional bathroom and toilet, and a whole lot more. We get lovely comments from everyone who comes inside, and we couldn’t be happier.

– Laura & Danny, Moray Street New Farm.